Poolside Gossip

This Year’s Most Talked about Romance Novel

What comes out when we sit and listen to conversations around a sunny hotel pool?

El Castille is a boutique hotel where the walls hold many secrets. It's a place where problems are solved, pain is eased and dreams come true.

Sheila has a secret that has been years in the making. It has been growing like a weed for thirty years. The agony started as a green shoot that is now strangling her sleep, but is this the time and place to finally open Pandora's box?

Ellen, Karen, Leyla and Denise are four best friends, and each has a host of talents. But who called off their wedding, and why? And can the others support her and the decisions she makes?

Then there's Veronica, who pops pills to cope with being married to a monster. How did she get herself to this place, and will she have the courage and strength to end the relationship?

Can poolside gossip at El Castille forge friendships and cement love that can conquer all these dramas?